We're very happy to know our work provides women around the world the security and anonymity they need to organize and express themselves safely.

Help us keep Tor strong for women and all who need it: donate.torproject.org/ #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2019

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Check out "Craphound" by @doctorow
recently re-released on @escapepodcast. It's a first contact story about friendship, picking junk at the East Muskoka Volunteer Fire Department Ladies' Auxiliary rummage sale and poems.


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Wondering where Choose Your Own Adventure is?

We've moved to Sundays at 2300UTC! Come join us then


It is now Mail Appreciation Hour

Yeah, [insert governing body] is terrible at [insert social grievance], but at least the postal service works pretty damn well. Shoutout to postal workers.

If these are the only ways I can sign into your web app, I'm not interested. No matter how useful that app is

I really didn't expect to see multible ppl in the fediverse giving credibility for #MarkZuckerberg 's latest post.

The post is framed to be about increasing peoples privacy.

In fact it is anouncing that when #facebook is about to be good enough in analysing metadata, they ship end to end encryption.

Here're some quotes, and a reffer to #Palantir, a professional survailience company with #PeterThiel as cofounder, early investor of #facebook and board member of the same:

what he says is, if they are good enough in analysing metadata, then at some point they will ship e2e.
pls don't continue to give Mark Zuckerberg credibility

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