Hmmmm @UberGeek I'm noticing a funny pattern where whitespaces are discarded across platforms. A post from Friendica has BBCode markup and where it's stripped off in Mastodon, the whitespace is gone. Do I tell Friendica or Mastodon about that?

Is their nobody on BuffaloMesh that cares about a ? I love the challenge of the whole thing. I thought somebody might talk about it here.

American Football is getting started, so...

is too. Anybody on or any user on earth wants to try it, I'm a Commissioner.

I've run leagues in the past and I set the points so that it's hard for a skilled person with advanced game knowledge to have an advantage, and beginners have a real chance at winning. In the past, I did leagues with buy-in and free to enter. Both are equally fun.

I'm really surprised that there apparently isn't a "not made with prison labor" symbol for products, verified by a third-party group similar to the Non-GMO Project or the Vegan Society

When Americans buy products that say "Made in the USA" they expect the money to go into supporting local, well-paying jobs, not fueling private prisons who utilize slave labor. This is the desire regardless of political alignment. People need the ability to make an informed decision

Random Variable. your things are amazing. I got there because as luck would have it, at the end of the Matrix/Riot demo he didn't run out of time and mentioned phones. I wonder if anybody here on social.buffalomesh knew about these things yet.

This is #Security #News to me! The site:
lets you type in an email address and it tells you the places that your data has been breached on. I don't recall Disqus ever telling me that I got hacked.

I just discovered it because a NextCloud forum post I didn't read till today was talking about how it will auto test to see if your ID got hacked for preemptive warnings.

Although, it gives me pause to give a password to a site that may record the hash.

@UberGeek my DHCP got changed recently. I can't seem to get my Mastodon back on but everything else is working. Could any of the config files hard coded the old IP address? I don't know where to look.

I've an itch to run my league again. Anybody in metro area have interest?

Over years, I tweaked my league w/co-workers until skills didn't help a to win. I built trophies and so on. I tapered prizes so that every "team manager" had half chance of winning buy-in back or more, the other half lost their whole buy-in.

I haven't been at that previous job in about 5 years. I tried to do it with a different set of friends last year but found out they are all computer phobic.

@UberGeek How did you get your contact info on the page. My instance has it messed up for some reason.

Probably nobody needs another distraction in their lives, but I see why the hashtag is catching fire. I'm just a couple paragraphs into the users manual and I get it.
end to end encryption on each message! Robust network of collaboration which resists authoritarian network shutdown.

Hello! I really like my feed: I learn lots of new things about #infosec, #crypto, #coops and #opensource.

However I'm missing some things--can you help me find them?

I want to talk more about people, working with them, their limitations and potential. I want to talk about #governance, #facilitation, #voting, #cognitivebiases and other concrete things that can be tried (and falsified) in #groups.

Let me know if you're interested, or boost if you think you have followers who are interested.


The following #MontyPython #HolyGrail GIF's and #SysAdmin jokes contain #Blood and #Gore Show more

Russian Court Bans Telegram App for refusing to hand over encryption keys.

Commendable they refuse to hand over keys but now no more Telegram in Russia... The issue with #centralization made clear again. Better #federate with #matrix #XMPP … #nextcloud

Gaaaaa!!! Why didn't I pay attention to the regular expression lessons when I had the chance!

I don't understand how to filter a Federated timeline panel on the web interface.

Where is their a lessons for newbies tootorial?

Here is one of the danger of Javascript;

Malicious Code Injection

One of the most insidious uses of JavaScript occurs in the form of cross-site scripting (XSS). Simply put, XSS is a vulnerability that allows hackers to embed malicious JavaScript code into an otherwise legitimate website, which is ultimately executed in the browser of a user who visits the site.

One way to defend yourself against this type of attack is to use NoScript add-on.

About to fall asleep here but before I forget again, anybody here on BuffaloMesh know about the Inve[n|s]t thing at UB?

Might be worth the time to see if Mesh could get support from that new group.

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