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Looking for a fullstack dev in #Pittsburgh or #Remote?

I have 20 years of experience, recently PHP/Node/MeteorJS on the back end, EmberJS/SemanticUI/Bootstrap/tiny bit of React on the front end

check out my resume @

Don't let the dev-heavy resume fool you, I've done design & client meetings; sales & manual labor - I'm looking for that long-term job that I can retire from, but am willing to help you out on a contract basis for the right challenges

Reminder that not only are Electron apps slow, but they also rely on proprietary software (portions of the chromium codebase). Atom, VSCodium, Riot "Desktop", are all guilty of this. All of them ping home to Google because of this.

Also related: There is nothing cross platform or native about releasing your web app in a little Google Chrome window. Frankly, that's just a deceptive claim. If it can be locally run in a browser, release it that way so the user can use their own browser.

Best attempt at a moon shot so far. Taken on a Samsung Note 9

I shall call him 'Charlie' and 'Charlie Jr' - at Devil's Hole NYS Park

If you use a Mac, and have Little Snitch installed (which you absolutely should!), there's a critical update out now:

# Little Snitch 4.4

## Security

This version fixes a vulnerability which allows privilege escalation to root for any local user. Please upgrade before details of the vulnerability are published!

Return to the Osprey Nest

Canon SL2 - Toyo 500mm Lens - ISO 800

#photography #photos #ospray #birds of prey

#Gab #Fedilab

Gabbers work w feds. They’ve had campaigns where they’ve reported sex workers to police and the IRS. They’ve reported nonwhite Immigrants to ICE and the NSA. They’ve doxxed activists and abuse victims. This is not just a ‘free speech’ issue. You’re responsible for who you federate with and who you allow on your platform. Minimizing the threat they pose is just you minimizing your complicity in their violence. We’re not fooled.

Swapped out for . If Fedilab devs wont protect users, I'll move to a client that does.

Hey #Fedispinners
Lets do a #tourdefleece spinning team, an unofficial one (unless someone wants to register the thing at which means:

lets spin along with the Tour de France and post about it on the fediverse! the rules (copied from ravelry) are:

Spin every day the Tour rides, if
possible. Saturday July 6 through
Sunday July 28th. Days of rest:
Tuesday, July 16th and Monday, July
22nd. (Just like the actual tour.)

#tdf19 #TeamHairyElephants #TeamFediSpinners

@garbados i want tech apprenticeships through a solidarity union where you get payed to work with journeymen developers and general developers where you will learn on the job

Was talking about Mastodon with an old-school sysadmin guy. We reached the realization that defederating from instances with no/bad moderation is essentially the same thing as blocking open relays back when you ran your own email server: open relays always end up getting used for spam, you block 'em to protect your users.

Email was and still is the first federated social network, so it already faced a lot of the same problems; we should study its solutions (and its failures).

One thing that sucks about step tracker goals: if you decide to do something other than walk or run, it shames you like you're lazy

🇬🇧 I'm still searching for radio amateurs on mastodon, by the way.

🇩🇪 Ich suche übrigens noch nach Funkamateuren auf mastodon.

🇸🇪 Jag letar fortfarande efter radio amatörer på mastodon, för övrigt.

🇱🇺 Ik zoek overigens nog naar zendamateurs op mastodon.

Please retoot!

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Buffalo NY Social Mesh

This is a distributed project by the project.

Our goal is to provide a decentralized social media serving the Greater Buffalo/Western NY Area.

This service will also be available over the wireless network.