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Dodged the London hordes in order to break into a Comansys vault

GUESS WHAT!! I'm so excited to announce that I'll be speaking at #TED2019!!! This year's lineup is terrific, and I'm so honored to be among such amazing people!

29 years ago today, Steve Jackson games was raided by the US Secret service. A company that published RPG books about a fictional universe with hackers in it was enough to have the owner of the company arrested & all their assets seized at gunpoint. That's how almost as far the moral panic about hackers, post 'wargames' went without organized resistance.

Thwarted Van Ark a second time - the Fraternal Alliance is stronger than ever

It's sad to see a great feature being proposed for Mastodon being poo-poo'd on by a person who is known to be a toxic individual in every community they have stepped foot in :(

Stepping off that one. No desire to get myself mired in that, and thus, the feature will likely die.

Unemployed, trying to sell what I have to pay the bills, mortgage due in a week, 23 Feb pt1: Mjolnirs are $8 each plus $3 shipping per package (no shipping for 2nd hammer etc). All other items include shipping in USA. Green and gold stretchy bracelet $25. Fire cascade choker/pectoral necklace $60. Serpentine bracelet $25. All colors are anodized aluminum. #maille #chainmail #jewelry #art #mastoart

Received intel about a traitor... from a traitor. Who to trust?

A time traveller from the 2000's visits a modern software company

traveller: all your laptops have 32 GB of RAM in them?! Your devs must be doing some really heavy stuff, what the hell do they need all that memory for?

guide: web browsing.

traveller: fukken wat mate?

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Buffalo NY Social Mesh

This is a distributed project by the project.

Our goal is to provide a decentralized social media serving the Greater Buffalo/Western NY Area.

This service will also be available over the wireless network.