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Correlates of Trump voting: searches for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, how to get girls, penis enlargement, penis size, steroids, testosterone and Viagra

Awkward run with New Canton today - hopefully the alliance will bring us closer - an OpenBSD tilde - is now open for BETA! My next immediate task in the beta phase is to have it peer with the larger tildeverse irc network. #tildeverse #tilde #bsd #openbsd #foss

I suspect merely creating unexpected configurations of familiar things is enough to guarantee some level of enjoyment.

Mamma Mia is like the movie equivalent of mashup music. It works not because any individual element is compelling but because it's strange to combine ABBA, Greece, and the hospitality industry together with a time-skip/history-mirroring romance.

Finally... camera technology has evolved to the point where even I can take a good picture!

a reminder concerning what happens when your government properly regulates ISPs, did I mention Comcast won't do business here because they fear our regulatory climate?

I use an IRC client for Slack, Skype, Twitter and Mastodon. Normally running each of these will require a new instance of a browser engine (electron * 3 and my browser) which destroys my low powered laptop but it's cool having them all running in one via my terminal.

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So, a few weeks of using a Macbook, it's not too bad. I do miss a lot from the linux world, though. pacaur is a pretty awesome way to get pretty much anything.

Hot take:

Lawyers are hackers too. They have on the OS called "Law".

I've never used #ArchLinux, but I've benefited from their wiki times beyond count.

Thanks ArchLinux users! You folks have great #documentation!

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

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Buffalo NY Social Mesh

This is a distributed project by the project.

Our goal is to provide a decentralized social media serving the Greater Buffalo/Western NY Area.

This service will also be available over the wireless network.