Received intel about a traitor... from a traitor. Who to trust?

Reactivated the weather station - forecast stats weren't all we found there

Picked up sealant ingredients - there's been chemical spill under Abel

Eavesdropped on Van Ark's interrogation as Jamie planted the last transponders

Ran with Jamie to triangulate Archie's position - she can't be far away

Explored Van Ark's lab facility, but he must have been expecting visitors

Tested dog whistles' effect on zombies - observed very interesting results...

Retrieved what we could from the cargo ship, avoiding the undead holiday makers

Apparently zombies are not the only things to come back from the dead

Saved from the zoms by a fireman, who will make a useful (if grumpy) ally

Rescued two children from the old school, but got surrounded by a hungry horde...

Protected the peace summit from an ambush and discovered some hidden footage

Picked up some barbed wire - Abel could do with some improved defences

Herded the zoms surrounding a stately home and recruited a new Abel resident

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