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Not meaning this as a dig... But when people think is a "new idea", I feel really old.

This is like cycle 3 of federated forums for me: UUCP, then USENET, and now...

It seems tech moves in cycles of to to centralization. We never learn the lesson "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

Sadly, the cycle last long enough for everyone to forget about the old tech that did the job.

@UberGeek For me it was mainly fidonet / synchronet back in my bbs days.

@UberGeek I think that is generally how it works with human society. The brainz work hard for something and build nice things. Once its done, the brainz get bored and go to do something else. So the idiots get to play with it and abuse it to opresse the brainz until the have had enough. Round and round it goes, on every level of society. Democracy and capitalism right now is at peek idoicy ( in my opinion)

@UberGeek I agree. Fidonet and Usenet where my first love. But let’s also not forget what this meant: no spam filters, no moderation except for killfiles which made some newsgroups unbearable for newbies without such killfiles, endless discussions when creating new newsgroups because it was all one namespace, there have been lessons learned and if we revisit old stuff, let’s make it better at the same time.

@kensanata @UberGeek to be fair, UUCP and Usenet were not two separate things. UUCP was the transport protocol for Usenet until NNTP became popular.

Yeah but Usenet walked away from us, no? Local ISPs dropped it, and they become paid services.

@klaatu many usenet servers charge for access, but you can still get free feeds from places.

@klaatu For free feeds, you'll need to hang around some BBSes, as the sysops are generally more than happy to lend a feed once they know you're in the scene.

Pretty sure Agency BBS still carries Usenet, and you can access it via a newsreader as well: bbs.geek.nz/

@kensanata true. if we were to revisit it, improvments must be made.


I'm optimistic about this iteration of federation because the problem is still failure to control bad actors. Fediverse people are taking this seriously, unlike Twitbook, and the service is structured to provide better moderation tools, unlike Usenet.

@UberGeek "Did the job" is a bit loose there. The job of being something like federated, sure, but not well suited to being usable at the scale the net grew to. At least in terms of ability to moderate content proactively, short of having your own private newsgroup server (which negates decentralisation).

@Sci having your own server is the cornerstone of decentralization :)