Just saw this posted on derpbook:

"Who goes to a library anymore? Besides freeloaders."

And now I understand how we ended up with Trump in the US. We genuinely have people questioning the need for ?

@UberGeek Nah, the USA presidential election has been rigged since at least Nixon. People'd probably have voted dumb though, even if their vote wasn't stolen.

@cy I don't feel it's rigged. Heavily influenced by bad actors, yes. But not rigged.

@UberGeek The day that they started hiding local vote counts for each polling place was when I think it became their burden to convince us that it's not rigged.

@cy They don't hide vote counts. At least not in my state. All of the districts are reported. You can get down to the polling place if you go to the election board and ask for them.

What states hide their ballot counts?

@UberGeek Seriously? I live in a state that does absentee voting, so there aren't really polling places, but I could swear when I was in California you couldn't get anything except the state level counts. It was a... while ago, so maybe it changed.

@cy Even absentee ballots have a polling place, it's assigned by residency address (It places your district, etc etc).

I don't think it was ever otherwise in CA, tbh, though.

@Fabioandthefabulousfappers @UberGeek I'm mostly just BSing, but I think the vote gets rigged by FUD campaigns, generally run by megachurches, who create massive hoards of wilfully ignorant voters who basically believe candidate X is surely the Antichrist this time, overwhelming any voters voting in their own best interests. Not to mention the corporate campaigns to discourage people from getting involved, by framing activists as dangerous nutjobs and kooks. In the face of mass psychology like that, I don't think any democracy can work.

But uh... some people don't consider that vote rigging, since the people actually pick the guy on the ballot, even though they aren't in their right mind. So IDK. There's also the closing of polling places in low income minority neighborhoods, and deliberate mismanagement to ensure that votes in those neighborhoods are unlikely to get counted. Also the stuff to protect against the nonexistent threat of voter fraud, which is really just an excuse to persecute people for not having a permanent residence or having bad credit.

Also I didn't know that polling places reported their vote counts to the general public. Thought that got discretely removed back in the 70's or something. Dunno where I heard that.
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