A disturbing trend I've noted in the community are end users demanding developers cater to their desires.

That's not how any of this works. FOSS developers are volunteers, and you are not their customer. You don't get to force developers to spend time on your pet projects.

If you want a feature: Submit a PR. If you don't like how a project is ran: Fork it.

You don't get to demand how a volunteer spends their limited resources. If you think it's worth it, submit a bounty for it.

@UberGeek Unless foss project is tied to commercial services and your users are also your customers.

Another example would be users who donate to your project, which makes them investors 🙃

@gutigen If your end users are paying you for support, they do have a right to demand a fix, or stop paying you for support.

Donors are just basically saying,"I support your direction, and what you do. Here is money to go forth and continue". They are not investors with an expectation of an ROI.

@UberGeek Yes, submit those bounties!

It goes far to communicate how much you want/need the feature, and many of us really need the money.

Also yes, we should be listening to you! But entitled demands don't help with that.

@UberGeek i mean any specific examples?

i havent really noticed anything =

Here's one example of a rant about how @Gargron owes it to people to add a feature:

That's was just the most recent I came across.


Just don't mind him.

He did not understand the point of the fesiverse, indeed he left for Twitter. :facepalm:

@UberGeek well said. conversely, projects should take care when rejecting patches for features which users are begging for.

@penduin Sounds like a legit reason it was rejected: There is a new plugin model that should be followed.

long, and a bit rant-y Show more

@penduin Of course, the project, and maintaining the patch is an option too :)

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