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a reminder concerning what happens when your government properly regulates ISPs, did I mention Comcast won't do business here because they fear our regulatory climate?

I use an IRC client for Slack, Skype, Twitter and Mastodon. Normally running each of these will require a new instance of a browser engine (electron * 3 and my browser) which destroys my low powered laptop but it's cool having them all running in one via my terminal.

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So, a few weeks of using a Macbook, it's not too bad. I do miss a lot from the linux world, though. pacaur is a pretty awesome way to get pretty much anything.

Hot take:

Lawyers are hackers too. They have on the OS called "Law".

I've never used #ArchLinux, but I've benefited from their wiki times beyond count.

Thanks ArchLinux users! You folks have great #documentation!

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.


one more thing:

the next time you feel weak and powerless but you have time and internet on your hands

steal a book

go to libgen.io and type in the words for a skill you wish you had to survive

download that shit into your brain as best you can

start there

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More NYC pics. The one at the piers was early this morning. Chalk art at FIT Museum last night.

Museum at FIT is NOT a museum dedicated to athleticism lol

Well, in right now. I must say, this is overwhelming, to say the least.

: Are co-working spaces just libraries that you pay a lot of money to use, with fewer available reference sources?