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“… I thought that I had made a leap forward, and I realized I’d made only the first timid steps of a long march.”
   - Véronique (La Chinoise, 1967)

Nice way to end an evening in the #716 area :)

As a follow up, I'm specifically referring to discussing their accomplishments in the past. Ie, did dead-self do the accomplishment, or current-self?

Open question (Which I don't know the answer):

If a trans person had major accomplishments in their dead self's life, does one refer to that person with dead-self gender, or current gender, or is it up to the individual, or is it up to the author?

Sexy Handmaid's Tale is the worst Halloween costume I've seen

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would be nice if YouTube would warn people that CNN is owned by AT&T and MSNBC is owned by Comcast and Fox is owned by a family of billionaires instead of only screeching about state-funded media in other countries

Truly great news, everyone! Cloudflare launched IPFS-gateway for each and everyone. Decentralization in action, regulators - good luck blocking Cloudflare!

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@thomasfuchs I’m a big fan of the design of Sony’s MSX models, they’re all brilliantly colour-coordinated (photos found here: androidarts.com/Amiga/MSX.htm).

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God is punishing the Carolinas for electing Trump.

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Krita's "Squash All the Bugs!" campaign starts this Saturday: help the team squash bugs, donate to the fundraiser, and make @krita even more awesome.


Waking up this morning... Coffee in the perc, fire going good. Made for a more comfortable chilly morning :)