Received intel about a traitor... from a traitor. Who to trust?

A time traveller from the 2000's visits a modern software company

traveller: all your laptops have 32 GB of RAM in them?! Your devs must be doing some really heavy stuff, what the hell do they need all that memory for?

guide: web browsing.

traveller: fukken wat mate?

Reactivated the weather station - forecast stats weren't all we found there

Free, subsidized world-wide shipping for products from China is a price we just can't afford to pay.

On the contrary, we're overpaying for this by further destroying our environment and economies.

Mind you: I'm not trying to bash Chinese products here. But please, let's not pretend shipping something worth $5 across the entire globe is something you'll get for free.

๐Ÿ“ฃ PSA ๐Ÿ“ฃ

Both EyeEm and 500px recently had massive data breaches!

If you use either site you'll want to reset your password ASAP.

In today's Voortrekker update, Kit tells her lovers more about colony life, and the causes for hope and fear she's found therein - and we learn that their planet, Ross 128 b, isn't Ross 128 b any more. Read here:

#AmWriting Voortrekker, a gay as hell serial solarpunk space opera, among friends at #cosmicvoyage ( - we have lots of good #FreeFiction waiting for you there, and more almost every day!

for all the shit people give Gargron, you do have to recognize that he was so moved by the abuses of proprietary social media services that instead of working for a tech company and becoming part of the problem, he did something about it.

yes. Gargron is not perfect. but, none of us are. there is no single person who is absolutely free of sin.

yes. there's a lot of things I disagree with him about, like the 300k user instance that is, and the way half of Mastodon's features are designed.

but that doesn't change the fact that he chose to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. and so, as part of my yearly review of what I'm sponsoring on Patreon I decided to give him some of those resources.

"My battery is low, and it's getting dark." - Oppy, 2004-2019

"Gearing up for possibility of another Trump shutdown, airport workers ready mass protests in 80 major cities"

Shut every airport, school, garbage collection facility down with strikes. The airport shutdowns in particular disproportionately hurt the rich fuckers who can afford to be flying from conference to golf course to champagne toast to skiing in the Swiss Alps every other day.

PSA - Brave "privacy" browser is malware Show more

Picked up sealant ingredients - there's been chemical spill under Abel

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