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hey you

yeah you, punk

come over here RIGHT NOW

and have a good friday because you're WORTH IT

It was the ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ of times, it was the ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ of times.

People are proposing so many obscure, hard-to-implement things to @Gargron all the time. I would probably just cry and run away with scream "do we really need this? This is so haaaaard". I really appreciate his resilience/unshakableness.


You can think of Freenode as an instance of IRC, just like mastodon.social is an instance of Mastodon. There are many different instances (networks is the correct name) in IRC.

Contrary to Mastodon, IRC networks are isolated from each other, so you can only talk with people inside the same network, there is no federation.

To connect to the Freenode network do this on hexchat's input text box:

/server irc.freenode.net

and then join a chat room like this:

/join #LinuxRocks

I wrote the ar5k driver for 1st gen Atheros wlan under Linux. But everyone stopped caring as soon as there was an official blob driver from the vendor. #OpenBSD devs invited me to rewrite my driver and I fell in love with the clean source code, kernel and OS ever since. #bsdstart

Who still uses #IRC for general chatting?

I'm gluon at QuakeNet's #geeks channel, which is probably the most active general/nerdy channel I know of.

If this sounds alien, or you don't have an #IRC client you can use the webchat interface:


You don't have to watch the news today.

So, oldest doggo is starting to not be able to stand up on her own. She already couldn't get up stairs, and down stairs, she does a "controlled fall".

At least she's still interested in food.

I don't know if I took these on purpose or not. I think it was accidental. I do that with my arm a lot.

hey y'all I'm looking for a programming gig in NYC that involves doing good things and working with amazing people. I can do all kinds of code. Who do you know who is looking?

getting rid of the carpet. 4 dogs don't mix with carpet.

plus, we have gorgeous hardwood under the rug, so we're going to make that shine

Heads up, my lovely curvy friends: pinupgirlclothing.com is having a sitewide sale until 2/20 10 AM PST. Use the code LOVEPUG to get 20% off your order! <3

Early morning walk with the Doxie :)

I think he was kinda mad we weren't running today.


@tante A resurrected black (political) power movement. I say that half jokingly, but the sight of black people with guns is surprisingly effective at mobilizing white Americans' political power in favor of gun control.

Killing children didn't mobilize us. Attacks on congress members didn't mobilize Congress. The mass murder of white Americans by a white American man didn't do it.

Fear of black insurrection would.

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